Rivian Trademarks Names For 6 New Electric Trucks And SUVs

It’s been revealed by a user on the Rivian Owners Forum that the electric vehicle company has trademarked names for 6 trucks and SUVs. The names trademarked are R3S, R4S, R5S, R3T, R4T & R5T with the USPTO.

There are next to no details known about these new models, although we can deduct from the company’s naming system that there will be three SUVs, the R3S, R4S, and the R5S, and three trucks, the R3T and R4T, and R5T.

We expect that the three SUVs will be of different sizes, likely with differing performance stats to allow for three difference price points. This would make sense with Rivian looking to launch smaller vehicles as they expand globally. It’s hard to imagine the company going for larger vehicles, as its R1S is already a 7-seat vehicle, so it’s not hard to imagine that these are new models entirely for a new generation line of models.

Fans of the company have also questioned whether these different numbers could be different body styles of the same model, such as a two-door variant truck, or a coupe version of the SUV.

Regardless of what these models are, it’s safe to say that Rivian is looking to increase their portfolio of models dramatically, and with six additional models, they’d even rival Tesla’s growing number of models.

Watch this space.

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