Rolls Royce EV Conversion Forces Owner To Sell Home And Breaks Down Marriage

Rolls Royce owner, Vincent Yu, makes drastic decision to sell his house in order to finish converting his Wraith to be electric.

It has clearly been a labour of love for Vincent Yu, having spent the last four years undertaking this conversion. He has had to travel to different parts of America, Germany and Japan to get specialised parts as well as spending hours in his garage.

Source: Richmond News

Yu explained:

“Many people think I’m nuts, hearing my idea of converting my gasoline car to an electric one. But I’m so used to people making fun of me. My head is always in the clouds”.

This has worked out well for Yu in some ways, as he has now finished his project and has been able to build a business from it. Yu has been able to put all of the skills he has acquired over the last four years into his shop, Mars Power, in north Richmond, specialising in all kinds of electric vehicle conversions.

It may seem like this was a success for Yu, however, this came with sacrifices. In order to be able to afford the conversion of his Rolls Royce, Yu ended up making the decision to sell his house, which in turn led to his wife leaving him, according to Yu.

Source: Richmond News

He explained:

“Only my neighbour understands what I have been through over the past four years because I forced them to take a look at my work as it progressed daily,”

Yu explained that his daughter moaning at him for his driving habits was the catalyst in him making the decision to start the project. According to Yu, his daughter said:

 “You shouldn’t act like a wealthy douchebag by driving a stinky car around town and polluting the air,”

Yu added:

“So I started thinking, why don’t I convert the car on my own. Growing up, I have always been this crazy kid who kept dreaming of doing something ground-breaking in the world — even if it seems impossible.”

The small team that Yu found to work on this project with him almost every day are joining him with his new business. Yu commented:

“We removed all the vehicle components, from the fuel tank to engine to the car exhaust. We aimed to build an electric motor, charger and battery pack for the car. Now, I might be the first person in Richmond to convert a luxury car into an electric vehicle.”

Yu was questioned as to whether it was worth the work for four years, to which he responded:

“I am happy as long as my story could make one person on earth laugh while starting to think about climate change.”

What is also great is that Yu claims his converted Rolls Royce has a 500 kilometre range on a full charge and it only costs him $8 to fully charge the vehicle used to cost $120 to fill the tank.

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