Tesla Takes Control of Market in Volkswagen’s Backyard… by the Numbers

The Tesla Model Y has just become the best-selling car in Germany which is a huge step forward for the EV maker. As well as this, Tesla is at the front of the German EV market, having registered more vehicles than any other manufacturer during the first three quarters of 2022 by quite some way.

Data from the German Federal Motor Authority (KBA) showed that Tesla registered 38,458 vehicles so far in 2022, which is over 6,000 more than Volkswagen who were second on the list for BEV registrations.

This is a huge increase for Tesla as during the same timeframe in 2021, 25,970 Tesla’s were delivered in Germany meaning there has been a 32.5% increase from 2021 to 2022. This is partly down to the opening of the Gigafactory Berlin.

-KBA BEV Registration Data

The German EV market was mainly dominated by Volkswagen during 2021 as Tesla struggled to compete with the opening of the Gigafactory Berlin being delayed until early 2022. VW sold 54,410 EVs between January and September 2021, more than doubling what Tesla sold in that time. Tesla sold 39,714 EVs in the whole of 2021 in Germany, whereas VW managed to sell 108,280. The opening of the Gigafactory Berlin has clearly had a massive influence over the increases in Tesla sales for this year.

According to Reuters, VW’s sales of all vehicles have dropped by 12.9%, as the company is having supple chain and logistical issues. A spokesperson for VW said:

“We expect a stabilization of supply over the course of the coming year.”

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