Tesla Model Y Becomes Best-Selling Car In Germany

It has been announced that Tesla has become the best-selling car in Germany which is notoriously a difficult and important market to break as it has so many incredible local car brands, such as BMW, Volkswagen, and Mercedes-Benz.

Tesla sold just under 40,000 vehicles in Germany last year and now with a local factory manufacturing German-made Teslas, the EV maker is set to increase that massively. A report was released last month stating that Tesla aims to sell 80,000 vehicles in 2022.

With deliveries in Germany at just 25,000 for the year so far in August, the aim of 80,000 was looking far off. However, from a report released today by The Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) we can see that Tesla had a record month in September, delivering 9,848 Model Y vehicles.

These sales made the EV SUV the best-selling vehicle in the country, shortly after having a record breaking month for sales in the UK as well. Tesla also sold 3,878 Model 3s in September, according to the KBA data.

Tesla will need to keep the momentum up until the end of the year to reach the target of 80,000 sales in 2022 in Germany, however, breaking the German market is a notable achievement for the EV maker. Especially after a rocky year for Tesla in the European country with production issues and some set backs with the full-self drive system.

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