The AKO Electric Trike Looks To Reinvent The Three-Wheeler

This high-powered little whip with three wheels, from Lithuanian startup AKO, looks to alter the way you view trikes. The company’s introductory electric vehicle will come with up to 200 kW of power, and a 26 kWh battery pack. According to AKO, that could get these bad boys up to 150 mph and give them a range of 187 miles!

High-end engineering & extraordinary design bonded together. A true market disruptor, completely redefining the vehicle segment between motorcycles & cars.

On their Instagram profile, the company regularly shows off cool sleek renders of the design, along with demos of its prototypes gliding down the track with their exposed metal frames. For those of us interested in the engineering phase of development, and the design process of new vehicles, it’s a must see project.

The way that this capable prototype trike leans as it corners and takes off with the whirrs of its electronics seems very satisfying. After seeing other companies go for a less performance and more practical approach to tiny EVs, this project is a mix up.

I do wonder where the second passenger AKO claims the trike can carry will sit. It looks like it would be hard to get them up above the wheel, and maintain balance. Plus it could be tricky to climb up there. Honestly, that’s not the main focus of this endeavour, so I’m willing to suspend my disbelief for now.

AKO says that they are launching a crowdfunding campaign this Fall and then will plan to begin production in 2021 if everything pans out well.

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