Triggo ‘Traffic Ninja’ Is A Polish EV That Blends The Best Of Cars And Motorcycles

The Polish Company, Triggo, are showing off their new quirky two-seat EV, which can retract its front wheels together at low speeds. Through this strange feature, they say the vehicle will be able to split-lanes like a motorcycle in heavy traffic.

The enclosed cabin will keep passengers protected from the environment, and the wheels’ widened position at higher speeds will allow it to cruise along with the stability of a car. This later part is important, for those of us familiar with the nightmare that was the Renault Robin, which was a three-wheeler known for its tendency to topple over.

Triggo intends to distribute these around urban areas, and allow for them to be used like Zipcars, with an employee collecting them at the end of the day. This will be achieved through a wireless control system, that will allow them to form a train of sorts behind a single piloted vehicle in the front.

To expound upon the self-driving elements of their EV, Triggo want these to be used as delivery vehicles as well as rideshares.

It is unclear if they intend to import these to the US, and if they do, how they would classify the strange little vehicles. I personally could see them as fun little go-karts or even replacements for golf-carts.

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