Triumph’s First E-Bike Takes The Famous UK Motorcycle Company In A New Direction

Triumph Motorcycle, the famous UK company which needs no introduction, isn’t exactly the first one you’d expect to make an electric bicycle. Triumph actually started off making bicycles in the 1800s, now they’ve returned to their roots with their new Trekker GT!

The bike has pedals, naturally, but also incorporates a 250W motor that puts out 44 pound-feet of torque. With the incorporated Shimano 504 Wh battery, which Triumph says will deliver 93 miles of range.

Thanks to a lightweight aluminum frame, which houses all of the electrical components, the bike weighs just 53 pounds (24 kilos).

Triumph have relied on the Deore Shadow 10-speed shifter and rear mechanism, which comes from Japan. They also have RockShox Paragon Silver TK forks and Shimano BL-M6000 brakes.

All of the trip information, such as speed, travel distance, trip time, gear, and remaining battery range are all shown on a screen fitted between the handlebars.

With many of the components made by Shimano and RockShox, you’ll be happy to hear that they Trekker comes with cast aluminium Triumph badging. Since this is their first pedal-bike since the 70s, it’s understandable they would collaborate so heavily on this new product.

The Trekker GT will be going on sale in the UK, US, and Europe sooner-than-later, in fact you can order already, for £2,950 ($3,318). That’s a lot of money for a bicycle, but not so bad compared to other electric-assist models.

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