This Radical Scooter/E-Bike Hybrid From Kuberg Absolutely Shreds

It’s been only a matter of time before e-scooters and e-bikes combined to make a hybrid vehicle that looks at home in the wild. Czech company Kuberg has manifested this grizzly vehicle, and you’ll be glad they did when you set eyes on their Ranger scooter.

The Ranger has a very intriguing air-lift seat, that can be stowed when the trail gets rough. This will allow riders to stand on the clever platform floorboards, which replace the typical footpegs. While in suitble terrain, the seat can be easily risen.

Under the seat, there is an impressive 14 kW motor which can propel the Ranger up to 50 mph. Along with the optional dual 1.15 kWh batteries, that can deliver a range of up to 60 miles.

If you’re not looking for range, but instead adventure, the Ranger also can be fitted with a cargo trailer. In this configuration the strange vehicle can tow about 66 pounds.

As for ruggedness and capability, the Ranger has a Manitou Dorado 180mm travel fork and DNM Burner rear shock. Kuberg have also opted for a 14-inch rear wheel, which will surely help you get up and over some obstacles, especially compared to the dinky street scooters.

As with other EVs, the Ranger also has regenerative braking. Thankfully, they aren’t making you relie only on the motors to stop, but have also fitted Tektro Orion 4-piston hydraulic disc brakes.

The Indiegogo for the Ranger has been started. The prices start at $4,000 for the entry level model, and the trailer version costs $5,000. If you want the dual batteries for double the range, that also will cost you another $1,000.

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