VW ID.3 EV Going on Sale Starting July 20th

One of the EVs most well-poised to move huge quantities in the next decade, is the VW ID.3. The little vehicle has the full backing of the German brand, and they fully intend it to carry on the next iteration of their legacy.

Fortunately for VW, they’re opening up their ordering books starting next week, on July 20. After orders for the ID.3 start coming in, then deliveries are slated to take place at the beginning of September.

Subject to local terms and conditions, all the ID.3 models that can be ordered from July 20 are eligible for subsidies in Germany as and also in other European countries. In Germany, customers can apply for the maximum environmental bonus for electric vehicles of a total of €9,480; €3,480 of this amount is borne by Volkswagen as the manufacturer.

If anyone has doubts about the impending success of the ID.3, they should know it has a $33,000 starting price. Further, the company’s home country has just started handing out gigantic €9,480 ($10,763) subsidies towards electric cars. You can’t beat that.

VW has sold-out their preorders for the more expensive 1st Edition of the ID.3. They will be the ones starting delivery in September.

Production of the ID.3 has been going on since last year, as the company builds massive stockpiles, ready to flood the streets of Europe when they are ready.

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