Would You Buy This Totalled Porsche Taycan Turbo

There’s a lot to be said about Porsche’s first electric vehicle. It’s very good looking, charges quickly, and more than anything… it’s made for the track.

Well, as it tends to go with cars that are aimed at fast driving, someone crashed their Taycan Turbo almost immediately after taking delivery. In a new video from Rich Rebuilds, he heads over to check out the totalled Taycan and assess the damage.

Now, there is a ton of stuff wrong with the Porsche. All four of the independent suspensions are damaged, a wheel is cracked, one of the calipers seems broken, and a coolant line is damaged just to name a few problems.

Despite all the damage, Rich points out one major advantage the car has over the Tesla Model S… its styling. The Taycan looks fresh. Tesla, on the other hand, are selling what’s essentially a 9-year-old car with a couple of updates.

Now, most people don’t buy and fix up EVs, and certainly not ones with no replacement parts available. However, Rich could very likely pick up this low-mile example of a Taycan for a very reasonable price, and make a very cool series of videos repairing it.


If the battery is working, and the damage on to the front end and underbelly isn’t as difficult to sort as it looks, it could be a perfect and informative project. The car is going up for sale soon, and time will tell who ends up with this strange wreck.

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