Ford Debuts Mustang Mach-e 1,400 Horsepower Racing Model

I’ve regularly referred to Mustangs, including the Mach-e, as grandma cars. Then came that spy footage from a week ago, where we saw a disassembled Mach-e shredding a track. Today’ Ford put the pieces together, and revealed a very powerful racing Mustang, with 1,400 horsepower… which would terrify your grandmother.

The Mach-e 1400 has not two, three, or even four electric motors. It has seven. Three motors on the front axle and four on the back.

Ford worked with RTR Vehicles to make this project happen. The two companies decided to give the 1400 a 56.8 kWh battery, which isn’t much smaller than the production model. It should allow the vehicle to reach its top speed of 160 mph, and do wild burnouts for a couple hours at a time.

As far as braking goes, the 1400 uses Brembo components with hydraulic handbraking. However, it combines these with EV systems like regenerative braking to provide the best of both worlds.

When the spy footage was leaked, we guessed Ken Block would be somehow involved, and that wasn’t necessarily untrue. In the above video, we see Block and other Ford-adjacent race drivers, take to the testing tracks in other high performance Mustangs.

You can see how insanely smokey the track gets during the “Gymkhana Test” when the Mach-e 1400 and Block’s Hoonigan swing around the production Mach-e.

This car will be a one-off, and will tour around to NASCAR events in the coming months. However, the sheer brilliance of it’s whine and performance demand more like this to be made. Maybe Ford will get into Formula E.

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