Ford F-150 Now Has Three Year Backlog With Almost 200,000 Reservations

The Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck has almost surpassed the 200,000 mark in terms of reservations, according to CEO Mark Fields. It currently represents roughly a three-year wait making access to it difficult.

Ford unveiled the F-150 Lightning, a full-electric version of the company’s best-selling truck, earlier this year. Because the F-150 is already the most popular passenger car in America, the vehicle has the potential to rapidly increase electric vehicle adoption in the US.

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum. Pre-production model with available features shown. Available starting spring 2022.

With a $100 refundable deposit for the electric pickup truck that will arrive in mid-2022, the carmaker began taking reservations when it unveiled the battery-powered vehicle. According to CEO Jim Farley, Ford received 20,000 pre-orders on the first day. Within 48 hours, it had 44,000 F-150 Lightning reservations.

Normally, we see a large number of reservations for a new EV early on, and this steadily decreases. It appears that it is not the case with the Ford F-150 Lightning which attracted continued demand, with around 80,000 pre-orders added by the end of July.

Last month, Ford announced 160,000 reservations for the electric pickup truck. Now just a month later, Lisa Drake, Ford’s chief operating officer, made a new presentation in which she revealed that the company has already received more than 200,000 pre-orders for the vehicle.

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum, Lariat, XLT. Pre-production model with available features shown. Available starting spring 2022.

The automobile manufacturer also claims that almost 75% of reservation holders are first-time Ford customers. According to a survey of F-150 reservation holders, 25% were replacing a gasoline-powered F-150 pickup truck. 40% are already EV owners and 11% are Tesla owners.

Demand for Ford’s first fully electric vehicle is enormous, but it doesn’t appear like the company is prepared to respond to it. In 2022, 15,000 Lightning cars will be produced; in 2023, 55,000; and in 2024, 80,000.

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Lariat. Pre-production model with available features shown. Available starting spring 2022.

Ford plans to increase production of its Lightning model after these excellent reservations, aiming for 160,000 trucks in 2025 with the second-generation Lightning.

If this continues, it will imply that at least the first three years of output have already been spoken for. The F-150 Lightning is set to begin manufacturing in 2022, with deliveries expected in the second half of 2022.

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