Mysterious Mustang Mach-E Prototype Filmed Shredding and Drifting

This is legit the strangest video I’ve shared in a while. It’s shot from the trees, like some Blair Witch sequel, but features the majority of a Ford Mach-E absolutely trouncing a test track.

Firstly, this is clearly a Ford electric car from what remains of the body. It is missing the front, back, glass, and probably a lot of stock components. Likely, this would be to outfit the car with custom drifting or rally kit.

Second, if I put on my tin-foil hat and start connecting red string, I would suspect Ken Block knows something about this. The dude races Fords around, drifting Mustangs and building custom cars for his high profile videos.

There have been mentions of him wanting something electric after his Hooni-Fox build gets completed. If you were Ford, wouldn’t you let him make a Mach-E drifter for a promotion?

As bizarre as the video is, it’s hard to believe that the driver couldn’t see the guy panting in the tree-line. These kinds of things usually aren’t leaked without a little bit of deliberate slip of the wheel.

I know the car sounds absolutely amazing. That’s probably what drew the attention of the guy filming, since it’s so loud, like a jet turbine winding up on a plane. Hopefully Ford shows that you can make an EV Mustang with soul!

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