UK Scrappage Scheme Would Mean £6,000 To Replace An ICE Car With Electric

According to The Telegraph, Boris Johnson and the UK government is looking at July 6 as a possible announcement date for a massive scrappage scheme to help restart the country’s economy. The plan would jump-start the fledgling automotive industry in the most environmentally conscious way possible.

European countries such as Germany, France, and Sweden, look to help their electric vehicle adoption rates via subsidies and grants. The UK, on the other hand, would join the initiative with their own unique approach.

Instead of just giving people a lump sum of cash towards a new car, they would give them money specifically for trading in their old car for a new one.

The number floating around for how much the program would pay is £6,000.

Similar initiatives have been tried in the past, usually with more of a focus on restarting the economy than cleaning up a country’s pollution. America’s “Cash for Clunkers” program, for example, helped the new-car sales of the auto industry much more than the used car market.

The July 6th date comes two days after the government’s planned third phase of lifting lockdown measures. The move aims at transitioning from a survival to recovery mindset.

Any kind of government plan will agitate some, but these kinds of schemes usually represent a win-win. After all, who doesn’t want four figures towards a new car?

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