Watch Tesla’s FSD Beta Software Respond And Yield At A Pedestrian Crossing

A new video released takes viewers on the capability and efficiency of the new update of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Beta or FSD software. The video is a real-world test where the vehicle stopped in a pedestrian crossing under FSD.

As announced earlier this year, Tesla started rolling out the new FSD Beta software to a limited group of owners for a test. In October, the new software was tested while new updates are still continuously released for bug fixes and additional features based on the feedback of the testers.
With the reputation of perfecting things, the series of updates is expected to usher in the official and wider release of the FSF Beta software.

The FSD Beta allows Tesla vehicle owners to use the Autopilot component in city driving under the control of a human driver. All the mentioned features and more will be available in December, as assured by Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk.

In the video released shared by a Tesla car owner Chick Cook, the early FSD Beta update is tested in navigation with a stop and yield intersection. As soon as the Tesla vehicle accessed the vicinity, the FSD Beta prompted to yield to give way to a pedestrian.

The software gathered the navigation as a pedestrian crossing and the program responded appropriately. The FSD Beta software would have been suitably tested if the area presented complex navigation with other vehicles around like in a busy street.

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