The Ford Bronco Gets a Jaw-Dropping Electric Restomod from Zero Labs

The other week, we saw a Danish bank stop giving out loans for ICE cars. To which I ask, what about this absolutely stunning $185,000 Ford Bronco restomod from Zero Labs? Can I get a loan for that?

They’re making four different models of the Bronco, with RWD or AWD, and both traditional steel bodywork or carbon fiber. Either way, you can get a brushless BorgWarner AC 600 horsepower electric motor mated to a choice of 85 or 100 kWh battery pack.

That’s much more power and torque than the milquetoast ICE Bronco, which only comes in an inline-four or V6 (he has no lips! he gets no kiss kiss!) that gets a max 310 horsepower. Making this Zero Labs Bronco strangely more modern, retro, eco-friendly, AND powerful!

To handle that power and weight, Zero have chosen a five-speed manual transmission and Dana axles or \independent suspension setup. You could probably keep the Bronco in 2nd or 3rd gear almost all the time however.

Forget all the power for a moment, because it also has been meticulously redone, with more than 1,000 custom fabricated parts. The interior has been so cleanly redesigned, it could make you turn your nose up at practically any other car.

At this point, all you’d have to do is choose between the $240,000 Modern Luxury package, with the carbon body and independent air suspension, or the Classic Retro package. The latter has a lower price and less tech, but would feel a little more authentic perhaps.

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