The XPeng G3 Gets Reviewed In A Series Of Enlightening Videos

We have been hearing a lot about the Chinese XPeng vehicles lately, from their crossover G3 to the newer P7, both of which are supposed to make Tesla’s blush. Of course, not because they’re superior quality, or particularly better spec’d, but because Xpeng and Tesla are in a dispute over IP theft, over the Chinese company’s blatant stealing of many Tesla features.

With all the hubbub and comotion, it can be easy to overlook the important things, such as how the Xpengs drive. Well fortunately, youtuber Bjørn Nyland took delivery of his Chinese G3 earlier this week, and has been driving it around Norway, recording the results.

Bjørn takes the G3 through its paces, offering up some interesting insights into the vehicles workings. For example, in his video detailing the car’s smart features, he shows off its smart summon capabilities, and its very peculiar roof camera, which follows him around like a droid from The Clone Wars, and can take selfies.

In his long range test of the G3 (which shows it having ~260 miles of range), he shows the familiar self-driving package, which he observes as suspiciously not as good as Tesla’s, even though it is an alleged copy. The G3 has a nearly identical interface as their American counterpart, although some seem to notice it’s animations and responsiveness are hindered by its lower-quality components.

Where this seems to be an obvious case of getting what you pay for, mixed with a touch of copycat syndrome, the G3 is an interesting vehicle. The price of about $27,000, which is hard to adjust for markets where it isn’t available, is certainly affordable. For that you get less luxury, like road noise and less premium materials.

Check out Bjørn’s videos, and see what you think. Are these the affordable stimulation the EV market needs or a blasphemous series of ripoffs?

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