Tesla To Increase Price Of Cybertruck – This Is What It Could Be

The Tesla Cybertruck was first announced in 2019 at an exciting price of $39,900. Elon Musk has revealed at the annual Tesla shareholder meeting that “a lot has changed” since then.

The Cybertruck has continuously been delayed over the years, and we are now expecting production of the truck to take place mid-2023. There is more hope for this newly set target, though, as there have been sightings of the Cybertruck.

Musk explained that the specification and price will be different, he put this down to inflation and “various issues”. He said:

“I have to give a little bit of bad news”

He continued to say the electric truck is “one hell of a product” and a “damn fine machine”. Unfortunately, Musk did not go on to clarify what the amended price would be.

When the Cybertruck was first announced, Tesla released details showing the three different variants of the EV, however, it is now unclear as to whether this is still the plan. The first is the single motor, rear-wheel drive model. This would have 250 miles of range and was promised to deliver a 6.5 second 0-62 mph time. The second variant is the dual motor, all-wheel drive model with 300 miles of range and a 0-62 mph time of 4.5 seconds. The last variant is the tiple-motor, all-wheel drive with an amazing 500 miles of range and 0-62 mph time below 2.9 seconds.

The exact number of reservations is not clear at the moment. It was revealed in June 2020 that there were already 650,000 reservations for the futuristic electric truck. Two years on from then, the number is anticipated to be around 1.5 million.

The price hike does not come as a huge surprise when Tesla have been increasing the prices of all of the other models, apart from the Model 3. The removal of the EV tax credit cap was put forward by Senate Democrats recently. If approved, this would remove the cap of 200,000 vehicles sold to count them out of the $7,500 tax credit. This legislation does put a limit of the prices of vehicles, so if Tesla want to make the most of the incentive, new cars cannot be more than $55,000 and trucks and SUVs cannot be higher than $80,000.

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